Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 8, Friday


You know, after playing volleyball on Thursday night, I had every intention of doing an ambitious run to get back on track. I was on the treadmill, shoes tied, ready to go and....I started...and felt something in my shoe. I wiggled, I jiggled (my shoe) and thought that I could walk it off....I couldn't. So I sat down on the treadmill at Bally's, took off my shoe and sock, shook them out....put them back on and tried again. It was still there. Arghhh!!!! Frustrated, I went to the other side of the gym and started lifting weights instead...until I blew off some frustration. Then I took off my shoe and sock again, and walked my two miles on the treadmill.

Yes indeedy...took an extra bit of motivation to get some exercise today....

(yes, I know I am a dork....)

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