Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 8, Thursday

OK, I'm almost halfway through my training. Halfway. The race is coming up. Fast. But I can do it.

I played an energetic game of volleyball tonight...worked up a sweat and everything. It kept my heart rate up, but not as good as a run or a mall walk. I need to get out Friday morning and get in at least one more work out for this week. I refuse to kill myself on Sunday at the race and not be able to do some fun things on Monday and Tuesday in New York! (can't come up with a theme song for today's about I go with "New York, New York a hell of a town. The Bronx is up and the Battery's down, the people ride in a hole in the ground....")

Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 8, Monday

I went mall-walking this morning with my friend, AK, and we easily did over three miles in a hurry. Here's the thing though--I know that I've made progress because I was not breathing heavy at all, and I felt like running (I wanted to run!) part way through the walk because I was already warmed up. I won't say that taking a week off of running was a good thing for my training. It wasn't. But taking that week off was a good thing because I realize that I have made progress, and it's not measured in weight loss or lack thereof. I'm feeling strong and motivated and I'm back on track! (singing "I am woman hear me roar in voices too loud to ignore....." channeling Helen Reddy)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 7, Saturday

Oh's been a while. I didn't run for a week! Maybe it's time for that blog on motivation that I didn't write a few weeks ago. I did run on Thursday for my traditional 5K. It wasn't any record, but I proved to myself again all that I already knew: getting started is hard, and getting started again is harder. However, the important thing (so they say) is that I did re-start. It's funny...while I was on the treadmill, I forced myself to consider why I kept running, and decided it's because I have this blog for accountability. In fact, I went to a neighborhood gathering on Friday evening and was gently chastised for not posting (and thus not exercising) for a week.

Please continue to encourage me, and I'll continue to exercise. I'm still committed to my goal.

Oh,...and I finally was able to donate blood today. Yeah!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 6, Thursday

Do the Shuffle! (OK, those of you from my generation will hear "Do the Hustle..." when you read this...) When I walked with C.T. last Saturday, she told me she had talked to an ultra marathoner where she works (what's with that anyway? running 100 miles for fun?!)....anyway, he gave her the advice that you don't always have to run or even jog...sometimes it's fine to just shuffle. We concluded that "shuffling" to him is probably a fast jog to us, but we got the message, and that knowledge is what kept me going on the treadmill today. I did the 2 mile run (after my 7 minute warm up) in 24.5 minutes. I feel pretty good about that. I thought about running outside again, but it's 34 degrees, and I'm a wuss. Besides (I reasoned) I could do my jillion sit-ups before running when I go to Bally's to run....and I did.

So...the lesson for today is that "shuffle" doesn't refer to that button on your 5 disc cd changer (or if you're younger, an iPod)'s the way to keep moving even when you feel you can't/don't want to so that you can finish your training.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week 6, Tuesday

(singing) "they say you don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger..." OK, that was the song going in my head today (even though I had Dixie Chicks on the iPod) because it was so windy as I was running. And let's face it, you have to spit when you run just get the mouth full of gunk and since you're breathing so hard (I was) it's just easier to spit. (sorry Mom! I know it's not ladylike!)

I thought I was going to chat a moment about motivation, but I'm not motivated enough to do it. Maybe next post.

The "running" training for this week is a 3 mile run today (did it), a 2 mile run on Thursday and another 3 mile run on the weekend. Maybe I need to get a watch with a timer, but right now, I can only estimate that the 3 mile run took maybe 40 minutes. The first 2 miles were 12 minute miles, I'm pretty sure.

Let's hear it for beautiful blue skies and temperature in the high 50' February in Wisconsin!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 5, Sunday

Hey, it wasn't on the training list, but let me just list it here. I went roller skating for two hours today! Totally fun! What a flashback to my childhood. I got out there, and didn't even embarrass myself (much.) It took a while to get my skate "legs" back, but then I was skating forward, backward, crossing, fun, FUN! I skated with my daughter, my friend's daughter, her friend, and never sat down! Great training....and the best part is....(unlike some other moms who also skated)...since I've been in training, I'm not sore. I feel great and smiled bigger than any kid there.
Next time, I want pom poms on my skates!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week 5, Saturday

YES, I did! I ran outside for 3 miles in the beautiful, sunny, 50 degree weather! I finished 3 wasn't pretty, but C.T. said that I need to cut myself a break since I haven't really run since college which was (how many?!) years ago.

For the record, running on a treadmill (which is what I have done for the previous 5 weeks) and running outside is TOTALLY different. For those of you reading my blog and saying, "duh!" just realize that it's something I needed to experience, you couldn't really tell me, even though some of you tried. On the plus side, my brain clicked in and I remembered how my body felt when I ran in high school. (it's always good to listen to your brain...refer to Thursday's post) On the negative side, I may be a little behind in my training since I have only been on the treadmill up until now. At least I have eleven more weeks to make it up.

So....chalk this up to another learning experience, and a good friend hauling my butt outside to run. (next time, I'll bet I even remember the Tylenol.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 5, Thursday

I did much better on the two mile run with a longer warm up (7 minutes of walking). I did 2 (11.5) minute miles, for 23 minutes total! (so proud of myself) I didn't do the 5K. Strange, my hips didn't even hurt which is good because I didn't take any acetaminophen.

As I was running, it occurred to me that the last time I ran for any length of time was high school (1983 for those of you who are counting) and I ran a 10 mile race. I was in good shape from playing soccer. I'm remembering that a lot of running is mental. Maybe being on the treadmill and inside with a water bottle to sip from encourages stopping....after all, if I were outside and a mile from home, I couldn't really stop until I got back home. (unless I stuck my thumb out to hitch a ride) My legs are not really hurting, nor am I breathing like I'm about to pass out when I stop. I just stop when it feels hard to keep going. Maybe I just need to push through the mental block. Maybe running with a friend will make a difference. It's still fore casted to be above freezing, and possibly even in the 40's. (heat wave!) I'm told that's good running weather. My running friend S.W. gave me advice on what to wear on the run. I'll have to let you know how it goes. (...singing..."if I only had a brain......") P.S. pedometer already reads over 9500 steps for today

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Week 5, Tuesday

Let's see, the training for this week is three times running, at 2 miles, 2 miles, and 3 miles. If I'm walking, it's 3 times at 36 minutes with alternating levels of intensity. Well, yesterday, I did the mall walking thing with my friend L.R., and we did 2.5 miles in three laps around, and each lap was 11 minutes. I know we passed everyone, but there was not a lot of competition at 8:00 in the morning. Heck, there was even a woman gamely working around the stores with a walker! (we were very impressed by her)

Here's my stretch goal for this week: I called my friend (C.T.) and asked her if she would run outside with me this weekend. (she said sure! crazy chick...) It's supposed to be close to 40 degrees! Whoohoo! (We're havin' a heatwave (sing with me now...) a tropical heatwave (come on, you know the tune....) the temperature risin' there'll be no denyin'..... (what do you mean you don't know the words?!) Sorry, sometimes I just break into song. So, we're going to give it a try. I'm not sure what to wear, but I think I'll just grab my husband's outdoor running clothes. (don't tell him--what he doesn't know won't hurt him)

Week 4, One Month Summary

Hmmm....let's see. I've been doing this training for one month....and where am I?
  • a few pounds lighter (but not as much as I imagined, or hoped I would be)
  • more toned legs and back side (more than I expected)
  • closer to my goal of the half marathon, and still excited about it
  • still excited enough to talk another woman into joining me (Hi Wendy!)
  • surprised at the number of women supporting me (thank you!)
  • enjoying authoring a blog

Can't think of anything else right now. If you think of anything else, add it in the comments. Having a goal with a set date and measurable time really makes a difference in my motivation. I suppose that the SMART Goal Theory is true (must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound)