Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 6, Thursday

Do the Shuffle! (OK, those of you from my generation will hear "Do the Hustle..." when you read this...) When I walked with C.T. last Saturday, she told me she had talked to an ultra marathoner where she works (what's with that anyway? running 100 miles for fun?!)....anyway, he gave her the advice that you don't always have to run or even jog...sometimes it's fine to just shuffle. We concluded that "shuffling" to him is probably a fast jog to us, but we got the message, and that knowledge is what kept me going on the treadmill today. I did the 2 mile run (after my 7 minute warm up) in 24.5 minutes. I feel pretty good about that. I thought about running outside again, but it's 34 degrees, and I'm a wuss. Besides (I reasoned) I could do my jillion sit-ups before running when I go to Bally's to run....and I did.

So...the lesson for today is that "shuffle" doesn't refer to that button on your 5 disc cd changer (or if you're younger, an iPod)'s the way to keep moving even when you feel you can't/don't want to so that you can finish your training.

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