Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week 5, Saturday

YES, I did! I ran outside for 3 miles in the beautiful, sunny, 50 degree weather! I finished 3 wasn't pretty, but C.T. said that I need to cut myself a break since I haven't really run since college which was (how many?!) years ago.

For the record, running on a treadmill (which is what I have done for the previous 5 weeks) and running outside is TOTALLY different. For those of you reading my blog and saying, "duh!" just realize that it's something I needed to experience, you couldn't really tell me, even though some of you tried. On the plus side, my brain clicked in and I remembered how my body felt when I ran in high school. (it's always good to listen to your brain...refer to Thursday's post) On the negative side, I may be a little behind in my training since I have only been on the treadmill up until now. At least I have eleven more weeks to make it up.

So....chalk this up to another learning experience, and a good friend hauling my butt outside to run. (next time, I'll bet I even remember the Tylenol.)

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