Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 8, Monday

I went mall-walking this morning with my friend, AK, and we easily did over three miles in a hurry. Here's the thing though--I know that I've made progress because I was not breathing heavy at all, and I felt like running (I wanted to run!) part way through the walk because I was already warmed up. I won't say that taking a week off of running was a good thing for my training. It wasn't. But taking that week off was a good thing because I realize that I have made progress, and it's not measured in weight loss or lack thereof. I'm feeling strong and motivated and I'm back on track! (singing "I am woman hear me roar in voices too loud to ignore....." channeling Helen Reddy)


  1. Good for you! I've gotten behind on your blog, but I see you've been keeping at it... that's what it takes and I notice that you are mixing it - treadmill, outside, with a friend, mall walking... that helps make it a lot more fun than just the treadmill by yourself.

    I love all your references to songs, I can never remember song titles/artist - I just know if I know the song or not.

    My training is coming along, not as strong as I would like, I really thought getting my new Garmin Forerunner 301 would motivate me and it has, but I too am a wuss about running outside, I'm more concerned about the slipping on the ice/snow. My next project is to investigate Yak Traxs (little devices to slip over your running shoe to give you more traction in the ice and snow), I've heard they work really well.

    See you on the streets!

  2. We are HALF way through our 16 week training! Hooray!

    One of my other marathoner friends (DN) suggested that to keep in shape you need to be planning your next event before the current one happens. Any suggestions? I'm starting to investigate what half-marathons or Sprint Triathlons are being offered in the Milwaukee area this summer.