Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week 1, Sunday

OK, I'm back. And I did it. I exercised. I ran at Bally's for my 5K again, in about the same amount of time (45 min.) Again, not impressive, but I did finish. I'm waiting to see what the training will be for this week. More Magazine e-mails it to me on Monday morning.

I talked to the man I live with who IS a runner (unlike me), and asked about this whole breathing while running thing. (no, I'm not having trouble remembering to breath, just trying to figure out how to do it correctly so I don't run out of it) I have to give him credit, he didn't laugh, but he did tell me that I just haven't run enough to be in condition to run for a while. In other words, I'm out of shape. Thanks for the message Captain Obvious. OK, so I finished bright pink-faced, but I still finished. I think I deserve credit for that. I ran half a mile, walked a quarter, and so on. (you get the picture)
Oh yeah,...I finished the day with almost 10,000 steps.


  1. Way to go Cecilia!

    I too am doing the More 1/2 Marathon, I love your idea of blogging your goals and accomplishments. I'm going to follow your lead and do the same.

    After reading your blog, I'm also ripping open the pedometer I got for Christmas, so I can see how close to 10,000 steps I'm logging.

    I look forward to following your progress!

  2. Please let me know what your blog is. I want to follow you too. It helps to motivate me. (btw, what state do you live in? I'm in Wisconsin)

  3. My blog is

    And I'm here in Wisconsin too, and we know each other, so hopefully we can do some outside training together. Another option for these cold winter days is mall walking, have you ever done that? People walk the mall each morning before the stores open.