Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week 4, Thursday

I did remember both the Tylenol and the headband today. No problems with the hair, but my hips were still stiff. Gotta think more about that challenge. (fyi, I ran inside today, but I'm trying to motivate to get outside to run!)

I tried something else new today. I thought that since the training required two miles run at about a 12 minute pace, I would just do my best on the two mile run and skip the 5k today. I expected to really kick butt, but here's what happened: I did my jillion situps (as I start up every workout), then warmed up by stretching before running. I walked for 5 minutes at a fifteen minute mile pace, then reset the treadmill. I set it for a 12 minute mile pace, and started running. I made .7 miles and my body started to feel too heavy. Maybe it's because of the workout on Tuesday (can that be an excuse?), or .....not sure. Be that as it may, I gutted it out....I'm a competitor! I walked a little, ramped up to an 11 minute mile and ran, and back and forth. I finished my 2 miles in 24 minutes, so the average running rate fit the goal for the day. Yeah! It wasn't pretty, but it was functional. I did it. I still have one more run to do this week, so my goal is to compete against myself and try to run straight through on the 2 miles on either Saturday or Sunday.

Just to add: my pedometer for Tuesday read 12,004, and today's is already at just under 7,000.

I'm still going to play volleyball tonight, so that will add steps and more cardio training. And bonus! I just talked someone else into training with me, so hopefully we'll keep each other motivated. SHE lives in Dallas though, so she can train outside! I'm jealous! I'm just making excuses...I could train outside as well. I just haven't tried it yet. Welcome to the training team Wendy!

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