Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 2, Wednesday

I was supposed to give blood this morning, but came up short in the iron department. Rats! I'll try again next week. That usually doesn't happen. If you feel inclined, this bad weather has a lot of people cancelling their appointments, so please consider donating blood.

I sorta blew off yesterday, but I suppose I could say that Tuesday was a "day of rest." Yeah....that's the was a day of rest. That's OK, I made up for it today. I ran on the treadmill at Bally's for 45 minutes and did my 3.3 miles (aka 5K because it sounds more important)

I tell ya....I am just not understanding this running thing. I went in with determination to beat my 45 minute total, so I walked a quarter mile to warm up (after stretching of course), then ran a mile without stopping. First time I've done that. So far so good. Then I walked for another quarter, then ran another whole mile! (so proud of myself and figured that I would blow my time record out of the water.) Apparently, my walking was slower than previous days, because after walking another quarter (give or take), I ran the final half mile and barely finished in 45 minutes! I am so bummed at not beating the time, and proud of myself for running the two miles. I can't figure it out. Hey! I did work out a breathing rhythm today...through the mouth... (hope it didn't look like I was gasping) .... in for three steps, out for three steps.

Now that I'm actually a "real" runner, I suppose that the next step is to start a notebook in which I record the mundane details of my workout (like how fast I was walking/running and for how long.) I don't want to bore you, so I'll just comment on it if it's significant.
P.S. Pedometer 8100 steps so far at 6:00.


  1. So far so good. I wouldn't worry about time until you are at the halfway point. Right now it is getting through the paces and measuring how you feel. Congrats on running!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I am seeing some improvements, so I should look at it that way.