Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 1, Wednesday

Thoughts are one thing, doing is another. I didn't watch Oprah again, but I did work out just as the training program suggested. I went to Bally's yesterday afternoon and ran/walked (mostly ran, I'd estimate at least 75%) 3.3 miles in 45 minutes. Now I know that it's not a land speed record, but I did finish, and didn't fall over. Most importantly, I'm not feeling like an old lady the day after, so I can do the training program's 30 minutes of weight training today. I also wear a pedometer every day....a habit my mom got me into last August (thanks Mom!) encourage me to move more. It read 8772 steps at the end of the day. You'd think that with running 5K (sounds more impressive than 3.3 miles, doesn't it?) it would be more, but it's not. I should be aiming for 10,000 steps a day apparently, but I'm pretty happy with it for yesterday.

I have a cold, least the remnants of one, and have blown my nose into being one sore, chapped, unhappy appendage. Ouch! I'm hoping that today is better. It took a lot of motivation to get me to the gym yesterday.

I'm hoping to lose a few pounds of my holiday weight (doesn't everyone....except my naturally skinny husband...gain weight over the holidays) in the next few weeks. I won't publish my weight, but I will record any losses or gains. I think that the picture on Monday makes me look attractive, but I could definitely lose a few pounds. (My favorite jeanns are tight.) I checked into Weight Watchers today and am trying to get past the $40/month price tag. Can I do it by myself? Do you really want to read about it? I think I'll ponder over it today, do the weight training this afternoon, and decide tomorrow. (I know,'s not a cliff hanger that should bring you back tomorrow to read this blog, but come back anyway please.)

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  1. I am very proud of you for your third post, and for going to the gym! As a WW's dropout, everything for me depended on the group that you joined. For most people it is the part of the weekly weigh-ins and the fact that someone else knows/sees their weight, that helps motivate, along with the good group. The last time I joined WW, I found a group that was more of a coffee clutch and less of a support group and recipe swap, which is what I preferred. Anyways, keep up the good work!