Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 2, Friday

It all about the changes........

"Muffin top?" It happens when the waistband is too tight and the belly spills over the waistband creating get the picture.

The point being, after working hard and making a serious effort to make some changes in my eating, I am starting to see some changes. My favorite jeans are suddenly fitting differently....not a lot mind you, but enough to wear them all day without a muffin top. That's progress.

I don't want to give you too much of a visual, but my thighs are definitely more toned, as is my backside (or butt if you want to call it that, but my Mom would never let me use that word--too unladylike.) I like that! Gotta say, however, that it will take a few more pounds lost and several more work outs until those jeans are actually sitting on my hips the way that they are supposed to.

Changes with downfall is the kids' leftover Halloween candy! Is that not pathetic?! It's those little "fun size" (who really believes that's fun?!) that I can pop in my mouth. Rats! They need to be dumped! (can I do that without admitting it to my kids?)

There are some good changes with food. I had a salad almost every day this week topped with this yummy concoction of salsa (1 can each of: black beans drained and rinsed, Mexican corn, and Mexican spiced petit diced tomatoes) Darn yummy! (oh wait,...can I say "darn?")

I am still hoping to get a work out later today when all the play dates are out of the house from the cancelled school day. I'll write about that tomorrow....the work out, not the play dates.


  1. Sheila, throw away the Halloween candy. Do what I do, tell them that its only good until Christmas (expiration dates). Then the Christmas candy is only good until Valentines Day, the VD candy only good until Easter, the Easter candy only good til.... well you get the picture.

    Of course I have 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies left over from last year, but who throws away good Thin Mints! Not this woman.

    And, if I made your salsa, I'd have to add sour cream.

    Anyway, sounds like you're really getting in shape and I'm totally envious. Keep up the good work!

  2. I DID throw it away. I just put it on the kitchen counter, let the kids eat whatever they wanted all day telling them it would be thrown away that night. They put a good dent into it, and didn't over-indulge, but the good thing is that I followed through and it's gone! (no lying involved)