Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 4, Tuesday

Two words: headband, and Tylenol. Let me explain. I discovered that I really need to use a headband when I run because those fashionably long bangs that I "sweep" to the side are really annoying when they fall in my face for several miles. Second word: Tylenol. Those same annoying bangs will be ignored if the aching in my hips from running starts early and stays around for the whole run...unless I take Tylenol before I run. Henceforth, both items will be in or on my body before running.

The plan for this week is running three times for two miles at a 12 min mile pace. I did one of the two mile runs today (within my 5K run) AND cut another minute off my 5K time so I finished in 42 minutes. Moving along like a herd of turtles here,....slow and steady.

This run is a stretch, but hey, if it gets my butt out of the house to move around...it will be worth it. Besides.....NYC! Now that's what I call motivation! A trip to NYC (without kids!)
My pedometer is already over 9500 steps at 3:00 pm. I'm sure I'll make 10,000 steps today!